About Me

They say that if you are drawn to yoga in this life, then you’ve probably practiced in your past lives.

 I thrive off of physical activity.  You name it I’ve done it.  From boxing and spinning to snowboarding and surfing, with a couple of marathons in between, I’ve experienced it all.  But after many injuries and lots of visits to PT, I finally surrendered to the practice of yoga. 

Initially I was non-committal, dabbled here and there, mostly Power or Vinyasa, and was only practicing because I was told of all the wonderful benefits of a regular practice.  But for an adrenaline junkie, I didn’t quite believe that a “runners high” could really be obtained by slowing down and listening to your body!  It really wasn’t until I found Ashtanga that my love for the yoga practice was truly ignited. 

 Slowing down the mind with the breath and lengthening the muscles all while building strength… this practice truly is genius.  It balances strength and growth with patience and acceptance.  I now have an incredibly deeper understanding of what it actually means to “listen to your body.”

 My practice has continuously been my savior.  Sometimes a certain stretch or twist will trigger an emotion to be moved through, and ultimately released.   No matter what I bring to the mat in the morning, I’m always feeling more emotionally balanced by the end.  My love and appreciation of this practice continues to grow deeper every day. 

 I completely understand how people might get intimidated by yoga, especially Ashtanga, as I was once in those shoes.  But I promise as you get acquainted with this beautiful practice, you will likely fall in love with it as I did.  

  “Do your practice, and all is coming.” – Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois



2 responses to “About Me

  • Hitesh Kaushik

    Hi .Myself Hitesh Kaushik & I’m from India . Yoga Is good For Health . I need some Meditation tips .will you please send me some yoga & meditation tips on my Mail Id . I like this page .


    HitesH Kaushik

  • Nahuel

    I found you page around 10 months ago, I was just looking for a “15 minute” routine. Since them to now, yoga had done wonderfulness to body, mind and soul in a scale that words can’t express. Now I feel railed on the Ashtanga path, and just wanted to step back on my footprints and say Thank You!
    You blog was my very first step on this infinite and wonderful path!



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